• The Nano101 Process

    Our patch is proudly made in the USA and is created through a meticulous 6 stage process. From the sourcing to the final product, we abide by strict cGMP manufacturing process. All ingredients are created from organic and vegan sources and are carefully inspected. We also batch test every order to ensure quality prior to delivery.


    The Source

    Organic and Vegan ingredients are harvested

    Refinement: Stage 2

    We continue the refinement process from stage 1 to further condense the herbal, vitamin, and mineral components.

    Refinement: Stage 1

    Our first stage of refinement we utilize our proprietary CO2 extraction process

    Refinement: Stage 3

    The final and precise establishment of equivalent potency prior to infusion onto the patch.


    Every step in our 6 stage process is done within the United states and with strict GMP standards. At this stage we infuse the patch with the refined components


    The source and quality of our plants is the most critical part of our multi-stage development process.

    To make the finest quality CBD and hemp oil our firm does rather extensive checks into the suppliers and of the hemp vegetation we purchase from. Without revealing secrets there are certain tell tale procedures we use to ensure the hemp plants we will use in our products are of the highest quality and standards. Our selection of crops should be of the highest standards otherwise the patch will be essentially useless.


    Once the most qualified hemp plants are secured by our company we begin the CO2 extraction process. Nano 101 has did some slight modifications to the standard CO2 extraction which cannot be discussed as it is a proprietary process.


    Once the most qualified hemp plants are gathered and they have undergone the CO2 extraction process, we begin the process of condensation which is a continuation of our purification process


    One of the most important steps in our manufacturing process. It is here where we utilize some of out patent pending proprietary technologies to basically "boil down" what we have extracted and condensed into essentially what is the the most important component of the hemp plant. When you take a sublingual or pill that has a certain amount of CBD or hemp oil realize that the vast majority of that products weight is in the form of fillers and binders used to keep ingredients together.

    With our patches we have done away with that so we are able to layer each patch with the purest "essence" and dry equivalent weight of the corresponding dosage.

    This make for a more enhanced and potent effect.


    The final stage of production is where we layer the refined "essense" of the mary momeier