• Simple, Yet Powerful, Goals

    We employ 3 simple, yet powerful, goals here at Nano101. From the beginning almost 10 years ago when we began developing our groundbreaking technologies to the present day, we aim to:


    We’ve designed our patches to be a safe, effective, and a convenient alternative remedies that combine traditional vitamin, herbal, and mineral medicines with modern day topical technology.


    We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of the topical patch experience. Our 10 years of combined research and development has resulted in the ultimate skin patch system.


    We not only want to be at the leading edge of delivery based technologies but also provide exceptional value to our customers by providing them with simply the BEST patch available and at an affordable price!

  • The world is now increasingly opening up to the benefits of CBD and Hemp oils!


    Ultimately its all about improving lives by developing advanced patch systems and alternative remedies with minimal side effects.


    After treating thousands of patients with various issues the physicians who helped found Nano101 have seen first hand the devastation of pharmaceutical medication.

    For us the power of various hemp related products especially CBDs in the treatment and alleviation of different medical symptoms and issues is nothing short of miraculous.

    As hemp related products become accepted and the worries about legality of the CBD and Hemp related products has mitigated Nano 101 is poised to bring forth cutting edge breakthrough patch therapeutics based off CBD and Hemp oil that we have extracted and refined using our own proprietary processes.