Founded by highly specialized physicians, clinical researchers, naturopaths and botanists, Nano 101 has a diverse set of individuals who all have had a strong history and interest in hemp-based therapeutics.


    We take the greatest pride and joy in changing people's lives for the better. The life changing effect our CBD patches have had makes us work even harder. This philosophy comes for our origin as medical providers where the the successful recovery of a patient mattered more than the potential revenue,. For us hemp and the variety of products that can be derived from this wonderful plant have l


    After extensive research with pills, sublingual, and and powder based delivery systems we've found the patch delivery the most effective and best loved by patients.


    While we continue to provide the most advanced CBD patch systems our mission is to continue to take things further. Nano 101 will never sit on its laurels and has the funding and a set of individuals who will continue to innovate and create ever more advanced hemp based topical solutions for the public.


    We have active partnerships across the globe and we welcome partnerships and opportunities across the globe!